Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sleepless in Waterloo

Before we get down to business I  would like the share a few thing with you:

1) I dislike Rob's keyboard. I'm trying to be quiet but it is oh so loud and the only way to make the keys work is by pressing them hard. This will not do...

2) Sometimes I feel like my body likes to play tricks on me. This is how I imagine the conversation taking place...
"OK guys let's make her nice and calm....That's it."
"Move onto phase two, let's make her eyes feel nice and heavy and her brain feel nice and fuzzy."
"Good! Good! She's thinking of going to bed early so she's well rested...right on schedule."
"Keep her feeling tired guys we don't want her to realize our scheme..."
"Ah, good she's feeling the comfort of her bed...curling up under the covers...and GO! GO! GO!"

3) I don't so much mind being awake, it's the being awake and knowing I have to get up at 5:20 that I don't like so much.

4) This is how I picture the conversation going with the cashier at Starbucks tomorrow, "Hi...I'd like a cafe americano with an extra shot of espresso added to the extra shot of espresso..."

5) I'd also like to point out that I didn't even drink that much coffee today, IN FACT I drank LESS than I desired. I only had one cup, it may have been a large cup...but it was just ONE!

Moving on, moving on as I'm assuming you do not normally come on here to read about all the things that run through my head when I sit down at my computer after trying to fall asleep for an hour. Though, to be honest, sometimes when I can't fall asleep I work through a lot of things in my head and it's really good.

For the past few days a line from a song has been running through my head over and over. So much so that I ended up putting a memo on my phone that said, "Lost and found in you...blog?"

The line is from a song titled Alabaster that is on an album by Rend Collective. The line that has been running through my head for days on end is as simple as that, "I am lost and found in you..." This got me just pondering and mulling this idea, of being lost and found in God. Colossians 3:3 says "Set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on this earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God."

I remember reading this verse years ago at camp one time and just sitting and pondering that idea for my whole break. What does it mean for our lives to be hidden with Christ in God? What does it look like to be lost and found in God?

I'll tackle the second question, as it is easier for my mind to think about at this current moment. The picture that it bring to mind for me, to be lost in God, is one of someone who is really taken with something. Being lost in God is like being lost in a thought or a good book or a picture or a conversation. You are so taken with Him, that you are "lost", it's hard to tear you away or distract you. You are just desiring to know Him more, seeking after Him in all moments, you are searching for Him in every moment, everything you see relates back to Him, you spend hours reflecting on His word...in prayer with Him.

Being found in God is this idea that He finds us. The thing about this phrase that I think is so awesome is that it kind of has two meanings. We are lost and then found in Him, but we are also lost and found in Him. Does that make sense? I guess it is kind of just semantics! In God who we really are is found, He finds us and takes us in. He has searched us out when we were lost and wandering without Him and has proclaimed us found. We are FOUND in Him. Only in Him can we truly be found. It makes me think of just walking along one day and all of a sudden being like, "Hey! That's me! I've found me!" You realize who you really are, who you were created to be, who you were created for, and the worth that you have. You're made complete, your eyes are opened and YOU are revealed because of HIM.

Guys, am I making any sense?!

Just think about those things for a while. What it means that we are hidden with Christ in God because we have decided that yes He is our Saviour and we desire to do His will above all others and also what it means to YOU to be lost and found in Him.

I pray today you realize that you are found in Him and that you desire to be lost in Him.

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  1. You always make sense...and help us to ponder things anew...with coffee in hand of course... to ensure clarity of thought! :)